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It would be easier if there were 34 hours in a day.

Enough time to sleep.

To get shit done at work.

Take care of family.

Cook something delicious and, please for the love of all that is pure, somewhat healthy.


Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. (we know we said sleep already but it’s not really happening too much over here so we’re emphasizing how much we wish we were sleeping better).


The day still only has 24 hours in it and like everyone else we scramble to cram as much as possible into the twenty four sessions of sixty minute cycles.

Opening the fridge and knowing you HAVE literally pull a rabbit out of the old hat can make it hard to commit to eating the best you can. Listen, we get it. Picking up the phone or piling into the car and ordering your favorite pizza feels so much more easier than whipping up a meal to serve at the table.

But we all know that that kind of shenanigans over and over again not only FLATTENS our wallets, it FATTENS our bodies. NO NO NO Bueno!!!

Our schedules are all out of whack adjusting to the “we don’t give set schedules” at Costco. Mimi’s days off are the same (lucky her). Tara’s…well they change week to week. Meaning, some days off are spent in the kitchen making enough food to pack 10 lunches and some dinners for those “I just can’t cook” kind of days at work. Sleeping in on those glorious Saturdays are long gone and now filled with going to the farmer’s market and Costco for kitchen supplies before returning to Costco for long shifts during the holiday season…

The point?

Cook your face off when you can so you don’t have to worry when you eat your face off. (hmmmm, that didn’t come out quite like we intended)…

Let’s try that again.

The point?

Cook enough food when you have the time so you don’t have to worry what to eat when you don’t have the time.

Like the recipe below!

This Brussels Sprout hash is amazing! It’s even more amazing because it’s so freaking easy to make and if you use the amounts listed will make enough for a few breakfasts (or lunches or dinners). It’s one of our “go to” foods right now because its so easy to make and tastes phenomenal with it’s limited ingredients.

Food processor a must for this recipe (or the patience and time (LOL) to shred each little cute Brussels Sprout)


Paleo Brussels Sprout Hash


  • 2 Pounds Brussels Sprouts cleaned (Costco has 2 pound bag, cleaned and ready to go!)
  • 1/2 Pound Bacon
  • 1 Onion (chopped)
  • Garlic (we used 6 cloves minced)
  • 1 Cup Chicken/Veggie Broth

Note: This is gonna make A LOT of hash so either whip out a big saute pan/wok or adjust according to your needs.

Grab your trusty food processor and using your shred attachment, turn those little heads into hash!

In saute pan, cook bacon thoroughly then remove from heat and either a) discard bacon fat or b) save that delicious bacon fat for future FoC (fat of choice) needs. Set bacon aside (and we dare you not to eat a piece!)

Return saute pan/wok to stove top and on medium heat add a little FoC (see how you should keep your bacon fat around?), minced garlic and onion. Cook until onions become translucent. Add Brussels sprout hash and the broth. Continue to cook on medium heat for about 5-7 minutes.

While cooking hash, chop bacon and add to saute pan.

Now if you like your hash a little crispier, turn the stove top up a little and crisp the hash for another minute or so (making sure to stir so it doesn’t burn). Serve with eggs, or as a side dish or as a stand alone meal!

brussels sprout hash

Now that’s good eatin’ folks!