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Who doesn’t love pizza?

The thick crust (or thin), the melt-y cheese-y goodness layered on top of greasy slices of pepperoni; the accidental burnt lip as you grab a slice as fast as you can and take a bite while the string of hot cheese slaps you in the face. Yhea pizza is just about the best invention since sliced bread and unicorns that fart skittles…

Unless you’re eating paleo.

Or have a sensitivity to grains of all kinds.

or both.

One of the most awesome things about eating paleo and having access to the world wide Google web is you can pretty much find a substitute for everything non-paleo and so far we’ve been really happy with what we’ve found. There are a ton of recipes out there for making a paleo-friendly crust but we’ve yet to discover anything that looks remotely close. Instead we just keep it simple by using one of our favorite complex carbs…

The sweet potato!

We make sweet potato pizza all the time. We make extra to throw an egg on top the next morning (because seriously everything taste good with an egg on top). The pictures below are from the very first time we gave this recipe (which we originally found over at Health-Bent) a try and since then we’ve graduated to making home made pizza sauce (from whole tomatoes) and freezing the extra sauce instead of buying jar/can sauce. The idea of the pizza is it can be made a variety of ways (Meegan likes cheese, Tara not so much) all personalized to your particular tastes.

And truth be told, we don’t miss the crust.

(that much)


Paleo Sweet Potato Pizza

The ingredients (Pizza):

  • 1 Sweet Potato for each person (or extra for left overs)
  • Any toppings you desire.
  • Parmesan Cheese (optional)

The ingredients (Sauce):

  • 1 Jar Tomato Sauce
  • 1 lb Lean Ground Beef
  • Lots of Garlic (optional – we used 8)
  • Italian seasoning (optional – we did not use)

Preheat oven to 400F

The first time we made this we used thin sliced genoa salami, grilled onions and olives as our toppings.

Take the sweet potatoes and give them a good scrub then poke with fork or knife and bake at 400F until soft all the way through. We have to cook ours for about an hour but your time will vary. While the potatoes are getting all soft inside, make that delicious sauce! Cook and drain the ground beef, add garlic and saute for a bit. Then add the tomato sauce and continue to heat on medium until everything gets all yummy and hot. In separate pan saute onions in a little FoC until they just start to become tender.

~ Side note: you don’t necessarily have to cook the onion before hand. We did the first time and they were good but since making this repeatedly we just slice the onion real thin using a hand held mandolin and then grill them right on the pizza.

Once everything is ready to go and your sweet potatoes are cooked thoroughly, remove from oven and very carefully (these babies are gonna be hot!) slice them lengthwise on baking sheet (line with aluminum foil for easier clean up). Smash each half with a fork to flatten.

Now build your pizza!

(with or without cheese)

Once put together throw back into the oven for a few minutes to re-heat everything (or melt the cheese). This is a fun meal to make with kids too since they can build their own pizzas. One thing to note is this will NOT be a pick up with your hands and eat kind of pizza. You will definitely need a fork/knife for these delicious slices of goodness…

~ Now that’s good eatin’ folks!