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A while back as part of Fitfluential, a call went out from GNC Canada for Ambassadors to try out their Pro Performance Whey Iso Burst protein powder and Women’s Ultra Mega Active Vitapak.

Since we’re both part of FitFluential we both jumped at the chance to try it. We got both the Berry Burst flavor (Tara’s choice) and the Double Chocolate (Meegan’s pick) along with a months’ supply of the Vitapak’s each.

Instead of blogging about it seperately, where we were both sampling each other’s protein powder goodness, we thought we would do a joint review for GNC.

Which flavor Protein Powder did you like better?
Tara– I like them both equally. They’re both tasty. Though I do prefer when making a ‘Green Monster’ smoothie with some fresh spinach I’ll always pick Chocolate.
Meegan– Hands down, every time Chocolate wins. Although I will admit I did enjoy the Berry Burst when I tried it, more than I thought I would.

What did you like most about the Vitapaks?
Tara– This sounds a little odd, but I liked the different colors and shapes. I can take them in a particular order which helps my Aspergers in that I can take them in same way and order every day.
Meegan– I liked the convenience of the packages, it was much easier than taking the pills from a variety of bottles.

How did you find the Protein Powder usability?
Tara-I thought it was easy to use, mixed well both using our bottle shaker and the magic bullet/blender.
Meegan– I found the same, it mixed well even into water using just the bottle shaker. One of my favorites was to use a scoop of the chocolate in a cup of chocolate unsweetened almond milk, just like a chocolate milk fix with a better protein hit!

Were there any challenges with your Vitapak experience?
Tara– I just found the size of a couple of the pills on the larger side, so hard for me to swallow. I found myself taking a lot of liquid to get them down.
Meegan– I really needed to remember to take them in the morning and WITH some food. I made the mistake of taking some later in the day and the caffeine in the energy pill keep me up. They definitely go down better with some food in your belly.

This wouldn’t be a fully sanctioned HDD post without a recipe to try, so here’s a video of Tara whipping up some Blueberry Protein Ice cream. Just three ingredients and a blender required!

All in all this was a very positive trial run for both us with GNC products!