Tara: One of the things most important to both Meegan and myself is the food that we eat. Individually (meaning 4000 miles apart) we often shopped at local farmer’s markets buying food for the week. Focusing on local, organic products and veering away from processed foods. We would coordinate times together and make the same meals while sharing “face time” over Skype (which was a lifesaver the first six months of our relationship)…

Fast forward to today and we no longer need to share a meal over Skype. Today we share a kitchen and more importantly we share a passion for eating mindfully. Halifax is chock full of local vendors and on any given day one can find a farmer’s market bustling with your heart’s content of freshly picked vegetables, farm fresh fruit and locally raised meats.

One of the main focuses of this blog will be the meals we share together.

Meals that we hope you will share with those that you love…

Share your kitchen.

Share your love.

(Let’s eat)