Tara: One of the things that has been most important to me on this journey of weight loss, this journey of life gained, this journey of taking back control and heading towards what I deserve is finding someone who would stand beside me. Someone that feels as strongly as I do not only about our individual health but about the health of others. Someone that understood my passion not only to move forward but to help others step up to the starting line of their own journeys.

I’ve found that in Meegan.

The story of us meeting (first by blog) then meeting again (in person), building a friendship and falling in love (so very quickly and literally without warning) is nothing short of a fairy tale.

The collaboration of TheHDD (The Healthy Dynamic Duo) is another chapter in our story. A commitment of sorts if you will. To ourselves, to each other, and more importantly to the people we hope to encourage to do what Meegan and I have done: Learned to live again…

Welcome to our blog.

Meegan: As usual I find myself wondering how I can put into words the feelings of my heart. Tara and I have uncovered blessings in life on our LCJs, and now after uncovering our own personal truths, get to uncover how good life can be in sharing our lives together. When I first read Tara’s blog I knew she had many gifts, as a wordsmith, as an inspiration, as a dedicate athlete, to name just a few. I remember reading many of her posts and thinking “we are thinking EXACTLY the same damn thing!” and wondering what we could do if we were working together. Now I have the incredible pleasure of seeing exactly what we will do working, living and loving together. (and it’s EXCITING people!)

This collaborative blog is what we hope will be a piece of our healthful lives together. The story of what our lives look like when we get share the day to day routine of living life on the other side of obesity. Of finding the joys in healthy active living and wanting to share that with the blog-o-sphere that brought us together.

Life now is what I always dreamed life would be. Whole, healthy, happy and shared with someone who understands and believes in the same passions in life. Its magical.

Welcome to our blog.